DEFTEC corporation launches dronefitter and announces first product line

Huntsville, AL – August, 2016 – DEFTEC Corporation, the Information eXperience Specialists, announced the launch of a new division, DroneFitter, to foster commercialization of advanced UAV/UAS technologies and its first product line, the Pyxis polarization enhanced thermal imager by Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.  

“We are very excited about entering the UAS market at this time,” commented Barbara Reeder, CEO of DEFTEC.  “We have known for some time that the UAS market is positioned for tremendous growth due to multiple applications across a wide variety of commercial and civil sectors.  To date, drone manufacturers have spent time on perfecting their platforms.  The competition among manufacturers is fierce and while some clear winners are emerging, it is too early to say who will be around when the dust settles.  We see a huge opportunity in seeking out promising ancillary technologies, such as sensors, that improve the user experience and effectiveness in specific markets -  regardless of the platform.  The Pyxis sensor, our first product line, is just one such technology.  Originally developed for a very specific military application, Pyxis is head and shoulders above traditional thermal imaging in the areas of search/rescue, surveillance/tracking, and resource management.  It is small and affordable enough for even small UAS applications and can be used on any platform with a gimbal mount.”

 “We are thrilled to be working with DroneFitter and DEFTEC,” commented Michele Banish, CEO of Polaris Sensor Technologies.  “Our core competency has always been creating innovative sensors for mission critical applications primarily for the defense industry.  We are focused on streamlining these state-of-the-art products for the commercial marketplace, and in particular, the UAS market.  The Pyxis packs the high performance of a scientific grade imaging device into a much smaller form factor, making it ideal for use by the military as well as the commercial customer.  Aligning with DroneFitter and DEFTEC allows us to expand our presence in the commercial marketplace while keeping our optical experts focused on product development. We look forward to making these products available through them and are pleased to collaborate with UAS experts of their caliber.”

Pyxis is available in three models, including a ruggedized version suitable for demanding environmental conditions such as heavy dust, rain, and salt spray.   DroneFitter is actively seeking other novel UAS-oriented technologies that are cross-platform operable. 

About DEFTEC Corporation
DEFTEC Corporation is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Huntsville, AL with offices in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia supporting the US Federal Government and the Department of Defense. DEFTEC and its employees have been associated with JIEDDO/JIDA since 2006 supporting the important improvised threat such as the improvised explosive device (IEDs). mission with developmental test and evaluation, training, intelligence analytics, requirements definition and program management. Lean more at

About DroneFitter
DroneFitter, a division of DEFTEC Corporation, was established to foster commercialization of advanced UAS-oriented technologies.  DroneFitter seeks to deliver technologies that are mission-specific and platform-agnostic to a variety of UAS segments including search/rescue, tracking/surveillance and natural resource management.  Learn more at   

About Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.
Polaris Sensor Technologies is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Huntsville, AL providing high-performance electro optic products and services including research and development to federal government agencies, prime contractors, industry and academia.  Whether we are developing sensors for the 21st Century warfighter, designing systems to keep pedestrians safe, demonstrating optics for remote sensing, or conducting field tests in support of our customers, we continually evolve to meet our own expectations in delivering state-of-the-art optical systems and technologies.  Learn more at   

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