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ShotSpotter’s Advanced Acoustic Surveillance Technology Receives Highest Level of Liability Protection Available

ShotSpotter, Inc. announced that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated and certified the company’s ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System® (GLS) under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act of 2002 (the SAFETY Act). The certification places ShotSpotter’s advanced acoustic surveillance technology on the “Approved Product list for Homeland Security.” Certification is the highest level of liability protection available under the SAFETY Act. The certification protects ShotSpotter customers from legal liability claims arising from acts of terrorism.

The ShotSpotter GLS is a wide-area system which uses networked sensors to detect and locate gunfire and other explosive events in near real-time. “The technology review process set forth by the SAFETY Act is rigorous and in-depth,” said Gregg Rowland, senior vice president, ShotSpotter, Inc. “We are pleased that, both customers and partners of ShotSpotter will enjoy even more confidence in the protection and benefits of using the product to improve situational awareness through use as an anti-terrorism protection and response tool.” ShotSpotter certification also includes warranty and maintenance services, training, extended maintenance services, and installation and calibration.

Managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the SAFETY Act was created to provide critical incentives for the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies, ensuring that potential liability does not deter manufacturers from developing new, potentially life-saving products and services.

About ShotSpotter, Inc.
ShotSpotter, Inc. is the leading developer of mission-essential acoustic surveillance systems. Its flagship product, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System®-Stationary Array (GLS-SA), pioneered the use of wide-area acoustic surveillance coupled with audio analytics for public safety, homeland security, and military applications. For over a decade, our customers have relied on ShotSpotter GLS solutions to provide them with accurate event detection and actionable intelligence to aid their development of proactive anti-crime strategies and operations. Currently, ShotSpotter GLS solutions protect many cities and counties nationwide, consistently producing arrests and weapons confiscations.