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Appriss launches single national platform for sheriff apps

MobilePatrol™ speeds up availability; helps sheriffs improve communication

Louisville, KY — Appriss is now making its mobile app for sheriffs available through a single national platform. More than 80 sheriffs’ offices across the country now have their smartphone apps on the new MobilePatrol platform … and additional offices are being added weekly. The single platform means individual sheriffs’ offices are able to make their app available to their community much quicker. For users, the app is free and is available for both Android and iPhone devices by searching “MobilePatrol” at Google Play or the App Store.

“With this single platform we no longer have to go through the app approval process for each individual sheriff’s office,” said Appriss President David Kaelin. “ Users just download MobilePatrol on their device and then simply select which sheriff’s app they want on their phone or tablet. We’re now able to help sheriffs’ offices go mobile much more quickly so they can communicate with their communities more easily and efficiently.”

With the sheriff’s app, people are able to instantly receive emergency notifications such as Amber Alerts and weather warnings. They can view a list of most wanted persons and see who’s been arrested and is being held in the local jail. Additionally, they can report a crime and even share information from the sheriff’s office directly to their Facebook page.

Appriss began deploying the apps last year as a free tool for sheriffs’ offices that use the company’s victim notification service, VINE® (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).

About Appriss
Appriss keeps communities safe and informed by using innovative technology to provide a suite of products that: inform crime victims of an offender’s status (VINE®); help police catch criminals (JusticeXchange®); improve traffic safety and make crash reports available online (; and prevent the illegal sale of pseudoephedrine to help reduce the number of meth labs (NPLEx™).

Appriss also provides smartphone apps for sheriffs’ offices to help them communicate more effectively with their communities (MobilePatrolä). The app is provided at no cost to sheriffs who offer VINE.

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