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Our agency had been using report writing software that was clunky, difficult to use and was the first RMS that we had in this department. Everyone had the same password and could alter anyone's report. The CFS module was very difficult to use. There were certain things you had to remember to do to get something to work.

In January 2007, we implemented ReportExec by Competitive Edge Software, Inc. for reports, CFS, booking, citations, permits and more. I can't say enough about it. It is not free, but it is the best deal for the money.

ReportExec has separate usernames and password for security and accountability. It is user-friendly and uses a lot of the same familiar controls as Windows applications. It just behaves the way you expect it to. ReportExec evolves as you go along, if you have a suggestion or would like to see something work differently they do their best to incorporate it into the system. The software is very flexible. When an issue does arise, an email sent to support is usually answered within an hour and often with a phone call. They will stay with you until the problem is fixed to your satisfaction. The support is phenomenal. They also provide an online support forum for users to see how other agencies are using the system or to just network about any issue.

There is a free demo downloadable from the site. They have 2 different versions, one that you put on your server and an Enterprise version accessible from any web browser.

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