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Technology created by cops gives LEOs a contact-free option for minor traffic stops

The program, Trusted Driver, allows an officer to notify a driver by phone and issue a warning or citation if stopped for a minor violation

Traffic stop


By Sarah Calams

AUSTIN, Texas — A new technology created by current and former police officers is hoping to change the way law enforcement responds to traffic stops for minor violations.

The technology, called Trusted Driver, allows officers to give drivers a warning or citation contact-free, reported. The way the program works is simple: police departments and drivers can voluntarily sign up by registering their phone number and other information through the company. Then, if an officer pulls over a driver for a minor traffic violation, they can notify the driver by phone and issue or warning or citation without making face-to-face contact with the driver.

Trusted Driver, which launched last year, says the program is useful for deaf and hearing-impaired drivers. It’s currently being used by Windcrest City in Bexar County, Texas, but the company says more agencies have shown interest in using the technology, according to the report.

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