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The focus of a new Secret Service report is how to improve the willingness of students and others to report concerning behavior
Download this guide to access resources and tactics to improve school safety
Comprehensive programs include a blend of specific and general courses that help develop your critical thinking skills and promote professional growth
Board members who opposed the creation of the police department cited prospective difficulty in recruiting officers and criticized the “lack of research” that went into the proposal
Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips said a jury should decide whether former Deputy Scot Peterson displayed a “wanton and willful disregard” for students’ safety when he didn’t confront the shooter during the attack
To help pay for the program, the Broward County school district may phase out its guardian program, which provides 120 armed security guards, and replace them with sworn police officers
“We can’t recreate this at the police academy or anywhere else,” S.C. law enforcement leader Mark Keel said. “We can’t recreate the long hallways, cafeterias, gyms, stairwells”
Since the leak, media companies have filed a lawsuit for access, while families connected with the school have discouraged releasing the writings
The “school safety officers” do not do other police work like SROs do, but do use police radios for speedier emergency response, unlike private security guards
“The idea is to get young people and the troopers to better understand each other, and I think Building Bridges does that,” the school’s headmaster said
“It boils down to knowing how to read and being confident in yourself,” Officer Levi Leyba said