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Panelists will review the training required for officers to manage custody transitions, as well as highlight strategies to improve safety during this process
Your goal is to be the calm in the eye of every stormy situation
The best practice: Avoid a custodial arrest for misdemeanors not committed in the officer’s presence
“We have eyes on him coming down the tower,” a deputy with the aviation unit says in the video. “He’s probably about three-quarters of the way up”
The Texas law, known as Senate Bill 4, was set to take effect March 5; the state is expected to appeal the ruling
“It’s great to see true teamwork with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department working to make the city of New Orleans safe,” Gov. Jeff Landry stated
“The act of fleeing to avoid a lawful arrest in a public place demonstrates defendant’s intent to place as much distance as possible between himself and the property left behind,” the high court wrote
“Our officers are working shoulder to shoulder with the residents, the community leaders and business owners down here on the South Side,” the sergeant in charge of the patrol unit said
Five people were injured during the Oct. 3 shooting; both suspected shooters are now in custody
“These deputies never had a chance,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “They didn’t have a chance to get out of the way”
The man was arrested on robbery charges after crashing the cruiser into another car
The officer survived with serious injuries; the suspect is in custody and will be held until trial
Deputies searched for K-9 Kenzo after he didn’t respond to commands; Kenzo was then found “unresponsive next to the subject with life-threatening injuries”
The suspect crashed and that’s when he “head-butted the passenger side window and came flying out like a dolphin,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said
When the officers announced their arrival, they immediately came under fire
“So what they got you for, man?” an officer asked Davis, 60. “Biggest case in Las Vegas history,” Davis replied
Police responded to a traffic accident and found a passenger in handcuffs, which pointed them to a security guard who was later found to be impersonating an officer
Kevin Kirkland was handcuffed in the back seat of the cruiser, but was able to climb into the front of the vehicle and lead police on a pursuit
Investigators were able to identify a fingerprint from a ransom note allegedly left by the suspect, who was in a database from a 1999 DWI case
The suspect allegedly stole a utility vehicle, led police on a slow-speed pursuit and eventually ran across nine lanes of traffic on a busy freeway
One man, Duane Keffe D. Davis, found himself involved in both investigations
The suspected was blasting Guns n’ Roses and pointing his fingers toward the ceiling after he crashed into the station; no officers were injured
“People have been yearning for [Duane Davis] to be arrested for a long time. It’s never been unsolved in our minds. It’s been unprosecuted,” retired LAPD detective Greg Kading said
The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said that harvesting saw palmetto berries illegally is dangerous because it often involves trespassing on private land
“This destructive and illegal behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in our city,” Mayor Jim Kenney said
One of the injured Taunton police officers was stabbed in the face and back of the head; the chief, who lived nearby the scene, received a puncture wound to his chest
The suspect took the deputy’s gun during the altercation, but the deputy was able to regain control of his firearm and fire several shots at the man
The pursuit, which lasted for 10 miles, reached speeds of about 19 miles per hour; the man attempted to flee on foot while carrying the dog but was apprehended in a parking lot
Shortly after the suspect’s car was pinned by the pickup truck, he began to surrender but got stuck while climbing out of the window