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Digital Edition: Prevention, disruption & response: The strategies communities must deploy to stop school shootings

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To improve school safety against active shooters, we must work on the prevention, disruption and response through a multitude of options. The process requires collaboration, cooperation and coordination across many industries and government entities. The synergy between these entities has one goal – violence prevention. Accomplishing that goal requires each community to develop a strategy that works for them, based on sound practices and tactics, developed from the multitude of school shootings and the difficult lessons learned.

This special edition outlines how city officials, law enforcement, community leaders and parents can become involved in the development of strategies, plans, procedures and training to address the threat of school shootings in their community; the importance of enhanced counseling and effective threat assessment measures to disrupt a potential shooter’s pathway to violence; and what we can learn from averted acts of school violence.

Download your copy by completing the “Get Access to this Police1 Resource” box on this page!

When was the last time your agency held active threat training with schools in your area? Even if you’ve done this recently, there’s always something else we can learn from recent tragedies. Listen to Gordon Graham in the video above to learn the five essential things to consider as you develop your agency’s response to an active threat.

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