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Silos kill progress and diminish the greater good, and our greater good is a healthy, operational police agency
David Hayes, who served with the Prince George’s County Police Department for 20 years, is now a small-town police chief – a stark contrast compared to his previous years in LE
At 18 years old, Tom Greven knew one thing: he wanted to become a police officer; at the time, he was a few years shy of the minimum age requirement, but he didn’t let that deter him
Tom Nitti became a trooper in 2015 after earning a Purple Heart for his military service in Afghanistan
L.C. “Buckshot” Smith made the decision to retire after an old injury caught up with him
The retention idea might keep at least 70 officers on the force with at least 28 years on the job
Sgt. Kelly Bunn, a 26-year law enforcement veteran, said it was the first time he performed CPR on someone
Hundreds of police officers gathered to honor Chief Kenneth Corey with a final sendoff at Manhattan’s police headquarters
During the attack, Rich Fierro grasped the gunman’s body armor, yanked him down and yelled at another patron to move the rifle out of reach
Travis Pastrana and Dave Carapetyan teamed up with Black Rifle Coffee Co. for a humorous yet uplifting video celebrating Veterans Day
The fact that David Pouler is missing the lower part of his left leg didn’t slow him down as a firefighter for 12 years or as a police officer
Thomas DiSario has flown the flag since his son was killed in the line of duty in 2017
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jeffrey Stagg, 67, a beat cop, hostage-crisis negotiator and “Taps” bugler, began his policing career in 1977 after serving in the Air Force
Many officers look back on their time at the police academy with a sense of accomplishment and pride, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hit some snags along the way
Officer Newman Brazier made quite the impression by standing silently at attention
“You can do anything you want to do, you just really have to put the work in for it,” the officer said
To honor veterans, Police Chief Don Jensen is wrapping his department’s squad cars in a patriotic theme
The department raised enough money to build the statue in honor of a local vet, as well as donate to five veteran charities
Rob O’Neill was found sleeping his vehicle
You’ve worked hard for your GI Bill benefits, and now it’s time to let them work for you.
Learn what you need to know about post-traumatic stress disorder, from identifying the symptoms to finding treatment.