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Meet Mary Nero: Greensboro Police Department’s lone homicide victim advocate who managed a record 74 homicide cases in a single year
The program seeks to bolster public safety efforts and promote community resilience
How law enforcement and educators can develop effective threat assessment teams to stop school violence
Nero’s team is expanding at a crucial time, as the city of Greensboro, N.C., has experienced a record number of homicides this past year
The new strategy identified 69 violence-prone “zones” and added a heavy police presence during summer months
“I’ve stood over too many bodies to ignore how our community is being harmed, not only by violence, but by its response to that violence,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
Threats against Congress members have increased about 300% over the past seven years, Chief Manger told lawmakers at a hearing this year
“You’re a good cop,” but “I will kill every state trooper that comes here,” the suspect said to a trooper
“New York City is the safest big city in the nation,” NYPD Commissioner Caban said. “We will continue to drive overall crime even lower”
When Smith was appointed chief in July, she said the first thing she wants to do as chief is drive down crime
“We recognize the dangers that are involved, but you don’t go in expecting someone to try to beat you to death,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
How law enforcement and educators can collaborate on improving school safety
The department, sheriff’s office and state bureau of investigation have steadily released information about the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols as the community and nation braces for the release of bodycam video
Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel said the department’s street crimes unit had seized more than 60 illegally owned firearms since May
With “11 people dying by gunfire in the past 7 days,” a rapid response systems needs to be in place said Detroit Police Chief James White
“They’re going after the people who have guns, who are shooting other people,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said
So far, the city has recorded 67 homicides, down from 76 at this time last year but significantly higher than Minneapolis’ norm before 2020
The measure, which would provide $300 million over five years to PDs with no more than 125 officers, was one of several policing bills passed
Dzenan Camovic is accused of stabbing a police officer in the neck, then stealing his gun to shoot two other cops
“They’re going to be on foot; they’re going to be in patrol cars; they’re going to be on horseback; they’re going to be on bikes,” LAPD Deputy Chief Blake Chow said
Erie County Sheriff: “This was pure evil. It was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community.”
About 400 cops are expected to join reinstated plainclothes units focused on the city’s 30 worst precincts
Oakland is among other liberal cities having to change course amid an increase in violent crime
An initial hurdle to program implementation revolved around community members believing it was just another “get tough on crime” scheme
Police plan to place hundreds of surveillance cameras and license plate readers in high-crime neighborhoods throughout the city
The Council on Criminal Justice launched the Violent Crime Working Group to produce concrete guidance police leaders can use to curb violence
After 7 people were shot, including a child, an Illinois mayor announced an indefinite curfew. Our experts debate the pros and cons of such a measure
As law enforcement agencies battle increasing gun violence, new funding sources promise assistance