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Brevard County Sheriff’s Office loved the 9mm duty pistols they had acquired just two years before – then traded them in for the firearm’s impressive new sibling
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has become the first to adopt the new less-lethal option
Multiple rounds of evaluations helped zero in on appropriate less-lethal levels
Officers at the scene said they believed the man was holding a knife or screwdriver; an officer shot the man when he continued to approach officers after being hit with less lethal weapons
When police arrived with a search warrant, a suspect fired at them from inside the home, shortly followed by the explosion
Bystander video shows officers deploying less lethal weapons before the man was shot by the officers
Officers shot the suspect after he opened fire at them with an AK-47 rifle; he was pronounced dead at the scene
“Had officers arrived a few seconds later, this could have been a very different outcome,” said White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook
The man refused to drop two swords and was not affected by a TASER before he charged at police and was shot
The new holsters come with a device that uses bluetooth technology to automatically activate an officer’s body camera when the gun is drawn
After the suspect drove his car into the consulate, he stood against a wall and made “multiple, rapid, downward swinging motions with the knife” toward officers