Police: Robber breaks leg, calls for help, gets arrested

Leoul Yosef robbed an apartment and then jumped off the second-story balcony after the owner returned home

Associated Press

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A robber in Virginia ruined his own getaway — first by breaking his leg in a jump off a balcony, and then by calling the authorities to help him.

Police say 21-year-old Leoul Yosef will be charged with burglary for robbing an Alexandria apartment on Wednesday and then jumping off the second-story balcony after the owner returned home.

Leoul Yosef
Leoul Yosef (Photo/Alexandria Police)

Fairfax County Police Officer Don Gatthardt says Yosef left tracks in the snow when he jumped.

Officers say they were following the snow trail when they received a 911 call from a man in the vicinity saying he'd broken his leg. Responding officers matched the identity of the caller to the burglary suspect.

Gatthhardt says Yosef will be charged after his release from the hospital.

It's unclear if Yosef has an attorney.

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