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Church Security

A recent online event shared best practices for law enforcement collaboration with faith-based communities to improve security
Fire, EMS and law enforcement personnel can play an important role in the layers of safety that protect religious gatherings in the event of an emergency
How public safety officials can prepare faith-based groups for the commonplace and out-of-the-ordinary incidents that might befall citizens in their houses of worship
Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said that after the woman began shooting, both officers “engaged” and the woman was killed
A few blocks from the church, the fleeing driver threw a pipe bomb at officers who “saw the flames and could feel when the bomb detonated,” SFPD said
“No matter how and where one prays, every Californian deserves to be safe,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said after approving millions in funding for additional policing
Two suspects were arrested over the weekend in connection with the alleged threat to the local Jewish community
“When you are unable to run away or find a hiding place, you need to find a way to act and to fight back.”
The 70-year-old gunman sat by himself during a church dinner before killing three people
Worshippers and their pastor were credited with holding the gunman until police arrived
Police say churchgoers detained the gunman calling their intervention an act of “exceptional heroism and bravery”