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“I wanted to tell (Joel) ‘Thank you’ and that I appreciated the painting,” K-9 Rico’s handler Special Agent Richard Hunton said
The manager allegedly told the officer that uniformed law enforcement had to be invited into the candy store, according to the FOP
The dog will serve as a seizure response dog for Kynadee, Chief Delvon Campbell’s 9-year-old daughter
“It boils down to knowing how to read and being confident in yourself,” Officer Levi Leyba said
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The “Officer Ryan A. Hayworth Bridge” remembers the young officer on the job for only three months when a driver struck his cruiser ejecting him
The Austin Police Association plans to take action against the city’s enforcement of “the illegal provisions”
“I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding,” said delivery man Tyler Morrell after helping officers catch a suspect