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Letter to America

The Letter to America topic provides law enforcement officers and police advocates a platform to explain the complexities of critical issues impacting policing to a civilian audience. Content addresses why the New York water attacks matter, how the war on drugs is waging a war on us and how civilians can support quality policing. If you are interested in writing a “Letter to America,” email with a short description of your proposed letter.

The discourse surrounding the crisis in police staffing has omitted an unsettling emergent pattern: the steady erosion of democratic protection through the privatization of safety
Officers are under unprecedented stress, working long hours and in many cases feeling little support
Corrections officers, our protectors, need your interest, research and compassion just as much as the infamous predators and anonymous inmates they protect us from
Parents, schools and law enforcement must work together to prevent young lives from being needlessly taken
Wanting equitable wages for rural cops is not about greed or ingratitude, it’s just economics
Our society cannot expect any reasonable person to put their life on the line without significant guarantees in terms of their compensation, benefits, personal liability and physical well-being
A reporter being hit by a vehicle during a live news report highlighted the danger of working near roadway incidents – a danger that proved fatal for two LEOs this past week
The notion of the least amount of force sounds nice, which makes it deceptively easy to believe – however, the concept is inherently flawed
When asked to predict an assailant’s intent, officers can only guess, based on articulable observations compared with experience
A new report highlights many examples of positive community-police engagement from 58 police foundations
Real reform means accepting that change is hard and expensive – but it’s worth it, if you do it right