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List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
Today – and every day – we thank you for your continued dedication, commitment and sacrifice
These are challenging times to be a first responder; your support is welcome and appreciated
Neighboring cities have been sending officers and firefighters since the Feb. 18 shooting; correctional officers, medics and dispatchers will join them to allow Burnsville first responders to attend the Feb. 28 funeral
“This is helping us to do both roles … provide security for the scene as well as provide medical treatment for the patient that needs it,” a deputy medic with Hoke County Sheriff’s Office said
Louisville Metro Police Department is training officers to do more before EMS arrives
The suspect injured an EMT who fell out of the ambulance and left another EMT locked in the back as he fled from police
The program was launched this month and employs officers who transitioned from correctional duties to assist on ambulance calls as needed
Recent statistics show dispatchers routed 25% of the 2,400 mental health calls from January to March 2022 – not the 50% of calls the program promised
The suspect was struggling with the EMT when he managed to grab the officer’s gun
‘Nero’s Law’ is named after a K-9 who was severely injured in the line of duty
Today – and every day – we thank you for your dedication, commitment and sacrifice as you protect and serve your communities
City officials said the program is off to a good start and is expected to expand
An armed suspect pointed his gun at an EMT and forced a firefighter from the ambulance
Officer Danny Leon was credited with ending a deadly shooting spree that hurt two EMTs and a firefighter
“We train for responding to an active shooter event, not being part of one,” the fire chief said
A cop, an EMT and two corrections officers – one of whom is also a firefighter – were on the right road at the right time
A man shot a firefighter and two members of a Tucson ambulance crew, and killed a neighbor, before he was shot by police, officials said
Neither a poor weather forecast nor an ongoing pandemic could halt the first responder couple’s wedding plans
Muskogee police will drive medics to calls and an ambulance will be dispatched if it is needed
All department employees are eligible to sign up
Officials say after a gunman shot two paramedics in the ambulance after an argument, one of the paramedics returned fire, killing the gunman
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the pilot program on Tuesday, calling the new approach “a big change in how things are done”
South Bend Paramedic Adrienne Taylor transported K-9 Luna for emergency surgery after she was wounded in a shootout on Oct. 13
Thomas Trommelen, an EMT and former police officer, said he was pressured to quit his EMS job and ultimately resigned from the police department “under severe duress”
Marshall Waters, who works part-time for the Mangham Police Department, was in stable condition as of Sunday, officials said
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said naloxone can be safely administered by first responders with proper PPE and other safety measures
Officer Matt Denton was shopping at Home Depot when he jumped in to perform CPR and save a man’s life
Paramedic Johnathan Harrison said a tragic incident on his job inspired him to create a device that would make 911 callers’ homes more visible to first responders