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You can be sure your retired weapons wind up in the right hands
Firearms designed specifically to meet or exceed law enforcement standards are known for their reliability
An accurate weapon helps officers shoot their best, reducing the chance that an officer will hit an unintended target
The video collaboration sheds light on how firearms manufacturers like Savage have helped pave the way for the Pittman-Robertson Act to contribute to the work of wildlife agencies
Champaign Police Department Officer Chris Oberheim was killed in 2021; other officers shot and killed the shooter during the incident
“It’s critical for our agency to look objectively at our actions … to help reduce the risk that something like this will happen again,” Sheriff Joel Merry stated
Receive 100 rounds of brand-new Sierra 124gr hollow point ammunition with the purchase of a PDP
The steel frame’s balance between the slide and the frame finetunes the handling of the PDP Match Steel Frame
The trooper was driving with his family when the suspect displayed a firearm; the trooper then reported the incident to Florida Highway Patrol
The incident, which occurred last month, began after officers attempted to question the woman regarding a report about a person seen with a gun in a neighborhood
The officer pulled over a man who was wanted on suspicion of brandishing a weapon at a car dealership