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Attending SHOT Show is a marathon event — here’s just a small selection of the booths I plan to visit in Vegas
Glock has taken the G45 concept and extended it into the Glock 47, a full-size gun that is basically identical to the Glock 17
NYPD has used 12-pound trigger pulls for several decades
The lawsuit alleges that Glock knows it could prevent the conversions but refuses to do so and seeks to ban the company from selling guns to people in Chicago
The Glock Company originally produced military knives and consumer goods, before Gaston Glock engineered the Glock-17 pistol
The police agency will transition from its current Sig Sauer P320 pistol to a Glock model in 2023
What you need to do in order to keep your Glock pistol safely running
A review of the Glock G44, the role of which is potentially much larger than some might imagine
These single stack 9mm slimline models feature expanded magazine capacity and other upgrades from Glock’s Gen 5 releases
Three new models – Glock 17 Gen5 MOS, Glock 19 Gen5 MOS and Glock 45 – fill out the 9mm line, with one specifically designed for police
The big star of the release is the G19x, which is a descendant of Glock’s entry to the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition
The latest version of the G17 offers the reliability you expect from Glock, plus some upgraded features
Yes, it’s imaginary. But, this is what it looks like.
Concealed carry is becoming more and more popular with police officers across the United States, and for a huge number of cops, the off-duty gun of choice is a Glock, just like on the job
With a few additions, the Glock 43 becomes a great defensive pistol package that is an amazing backup or pocket carry
We need to stress situational awareness of safety rules and protocols in actual scenario-based training where this safety is graded and there is a consequence for non-compliance
These new pistols, on display at SHOT Show 2015, will retain their surface hardness and factory warranty, and will be readily adaptable to new sight designs