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Firearms designed specifically to meet or exceed law enforcement standards are known for their reliability
The program is based off the “Cure Violence” model which seeks to deal with violent crime as a public health crisis: using “interrupters” and “outreach workers” to prevent shootings and other violent crimes
The suspect took the deputy’s gun during the altercation, but the deputy was able to regain control of his firearm and fire several shots at the man
“Whatever happened today, it can be fixed. Don’t pull the trigger,” a deputy said as he calmly spoke to the teen who was pointing a gun at his head
The suspect held up a handgun to Officer Brian Keller’s face at close range; a click can be heard in the video as the gun jams
Law enforcement agencies have seized more than 19,000 ghost guns at crime scenes in 2021, a more than tenfold increase in five years, the Justice Department said
The new system can be moved by one or two officers without the need for technicians to transport and set up
The suspect was mortally wounded after officers asked him to drop his weapon as they responded to a call about a large fight in progress
A crime-fighting pilot program will give high-risk individuals $300 a month to stay out of trouble
Police say Dolal Idd showed up to a gun buy that police had set up using a confidential informant
The dad claims he saw an adult grab his son on a video call and headed to the school, forgetting he had the gun tucked in his pants
The department says a state statute bars giving away weapons as prizes and the raffle has been canceled
More than 75 percent of people in Illinois who received gun license revocations in 2018 ignored the notices
When Chris Burns, 27, of Salina, started walking around downtown Salina on Monday afternoon in his new stormtrooper armor, someone called police to report the alleged gun-wielding man