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New portable system employs two methods of detection for increased accuracy and reduced false positives
Two Ohio police officers should be commended for saving a suspect’s life with a chest seal they purchased, but this shouldn’t be the norm or the expectation
Lt. Brad Robin with the Lafayette Police Department said the agency currently has 60 sensors installed across one square mile in the city
When the first officer arrived at the hotel, he encountered an armed man and gunfire was exchanged
The man had been shot through an artery in an arm, which was spurting blood
“You’re not going to lose your arm,” officers say to the man who was shot in the shoulder
Officers did have reasonable suspicion to detain a man who was walking in the area where ShotSpotter detected gunfire, the court ruled
The scene was chaos. All the officers knew was that someone had been shot and needed their help
Shotspotter, license plate readers and doorbell cameras are all in the conversation
Marshall Waters, 49, an EMT with Northeast Louisiana Ambulance, was shot in the abdomen while conducting a traffic stop