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I would trust my life to this handgun, and I can think of no higher endorsement
LEO leadership and a close collaboration with police led to one of the most accurate duty guns on the market
A top-quality firearm is just the beginning – discount programs, free training, replacement parts and a loaner pistol set this manufacturer apart
The Glock Company originally produced military knives and consumer goods, before Gaston Glock engineered the Glock-17 pistol
The polymer frame PDP Match is equipped with a dynamic performance trigger, 18-round capacity magazine, 5-inch barrel, and a sleek, full-size polymer frame
The school’s superintendent said the child made no threats and likely thought the gun was just a toy
Four officers and their powerful noses will be playing an even bigger role in the effort to reduce the number of guns being brought to schools in Las Vegas
A crisp trigger, reduced recoil and smooth action make range practice a pleasure with this firearm
Licenses could be denied if investigators uncover threats of violence or terrorism or the use of racial or ethnic slurs