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The mission of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, ILEETA, is the reduction of law enforcement risk through the enhancement of training for criminal justice practitioners. The ILEETA topic features articles from ILEETA members, about ILEETA training events, and episodes of the Policing Matters podcast recorded at the ILEETA annual conference.

From combating traumatic stress ahead of time to battling imposter syndrome, here are my biggest takeaways
With more than 150 sessions to pick from, the ILEETA conference will change the lives of the people you train
It’s crucial to do what your attacker doesn’t expect in order to prevail in a deadly confrontation
The annual award recognizes a trainer who goes above and beyond to enhance the competence and confidence of the officers they train
Doug sits down with former editor of Police1 Scott Buhrmaster, who talks about how he helps the companies that serve LE become more effective in what they do
Doug sits down with Below 100 instructors Rod Rifredi and Kim Schlau to discuss the five tenets of the program
An analysis of recent ambush wins shows the reasons for victories jump off the pages because they are virtually all alike
Here are four things the first arriving officer should do to save as many lives as possible
The ability to avoid turning a professional situation into a personal one goes a long way
A healthy balance can be struck between these two things
Police trainers must make the most of the time they have by using the science of motor learning and performance to improve the training they deliver