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In-Car Video System

The company aims to provide an easier, more streamlined user experience
Supporting up to four time-synced channels of audio and video, this system puts officers in the action
Improve safety and accuracy with components that adapt to changing technology
A ransomware attack on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department computers caused a shutdown in email, in-car cameras and a database for background checks
Dash cam video captures the moment a car crossed the median and slammed into a traffic stop in Fairfax County
Talks first began in 2015 regarding the implementation of body cameras and in-car dashboard cameras at the Olympia Police Department
Smart cameras and a sophisticated digital evidence platform helps inform decisions, promote transparency and keep officers, students and citizens safer
The Commander Body Camera integrates the latest comms features to keep officers connected, documented, and with access to immediate assistance
From resolving complaints to highlighting good deeds, sharing video footage can promote transparency and build trust
In this eBook, we review how to use in-car video footage for training and how video technologies improve situational awareness
From livestreaming to mapping positions to sending an alert if an officer goes down, advanced features and a sophisticated platform do much more than record video