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3 French LEOs killed responding to domestic violence call

A fourth officer was wounded

By Police1 Staff

PARIS — Three French police officers were killed and a fourth was wounded while responding to a domestic violence call.

According to CNN, the officers were responding to the incident Wednesday when the shooting occurred. They were attempting to rescue a woman who had sought to escape the domestic violence suspect on the roof of a house which had been set on fire. A 48-year-old suspect shot the officers.

The fourth officer who was shot is expected to survive. The woman was rescued.

The suspect fled the scene, launching a massive manhunt. He was later found dead.

The fallen officers are Lieutenant Cyril Morel, Warrant Officer Rémi Dupuis, and Brigadier Arno Mavel of the Puy-de-Dôme Departmental Gendarmerie, according to the report.