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The training addresses the mental and physical stressors faced by public safety personnel when responding to opioid overdose calls
Opioid settlement funding will continue for 11 to 18 years, and it is expected that more settlements will be forthcoming. Is your agency getting its share?
Does your department keep a list of possible projects for grant-funding opportunities?
“Naloxone is a necessary tool ... it should be available and accessible in as many places as possible, in the same way we have fire extinguishers and defibrillators in case of emergencies,” council member Tyler Dos Santos-Tam said
A new seven-page policy stipulates that officers receive fire department training on how to administer it
The new program will allow LEOs to leave people with naloxone kits, particularly when it might be needed in the future
At least seven teenagers overdosed from pills possibly containing fentanyl this year including a 15-year-old girl, according to the LAPD
After finding the man not breathing inside a home, the officer is seen administering Narcan and performing chest compressions
The department will run a three-year study on the use and results of deputies carrying the opioid overdose reversal drug
The vending machine – the first of its kind in the state – holds 54 boxes and is stocked by the detention center
Statewide, 245 overdose deaths were reported last year, and six out of 10 were linked to fentanyl
This month, we asked our readers a series of questions about the medical gear they carry, the training they’ve received and the lifesaving measures they’ve taken on the job
Police agencies are on the frontline of this crisis – here are 10 steps all chiefs and sheriffs need to take
As police agencies rethink LE’s role in the opioid epidemic, it’s important to be prepared to navigate pushback both internally and within the community
While Narcan is an immediate, lifesaving fix for someone suffering from an overdose, it doesn’t solve the problem of addiction
Funding is available for trace detection machines, Narcan kits and data-sharing technology to document problems in your jurisdiction
We need collaboration among law enforcement, public health, policymakers and congress to end the opioid scourge
The realities of the opioid crisis mean that police should keep an opioid response kit on hand at all times
Data includes the location of naloxone administration, how many doses were administered and what happened to victims after they received naloxone
In this free guide, we explore the latest law enforcement tactics and training for combating the opioid epidemic
The voluntary recall was prompted by the potential for “loose particulate matter on the syringe plunger,” which could result in a range of adverse effects
When responding to opioid overdose calls, police investigators can deploy these tactics to locate drug dealers
The Kennebunk Police Department will receive Naloxone auto-injectors to assist in preventing opioid overdose deaths
By broadening addict and layperson access to naloxone, the paper claims naloxone access laws don’t reduce opioid-related mortality
The effort to equip officers across the nation is in response to what some have called an opioid overdose crisis
Opioid abuse and drug overdoses have increased substantially in Wisconsin as well as the rest of the country
Florida Highway Patrol troopers will soon carry Naloxone to help prevent deaths from opioid overdoses
Jim and Doug revisit the topic of cops carrying Naloxone