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Organized Crime

Gang investigators need to think globally, but act locally when handling gang cases with subsets
Jeff Sessions represents “a new sheriff” at DOJ
The majority of the burglaries have been committed by groups of Chilean suspects who overstayed a 90-day visa; Detroit police say the burglars stake out homes for days in order to break in while they are unoccupied
A proactive approach between the agency and the District Attorney’s Office is targeting the rising issue of organized retail theft in the area
The investigation resulted in the indictments of 20 people in an L.A. County-based crime ring allegedly responsible for over 30 residential burglaries, with more than $500,000 in losses
“We have been so effective in solving these homicides and shootings, there has been no time for these retaliation shootings to take place,” Chief Paco Balderrama said
The organized theft ring stole catalytic converters from over 470 vehicles over the span of a year
In December, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said a lax approach from prosecutors could lead to store closures
Some 9,000 law enforcement officers in 18 countries around the world were involved in the operation
The biggest crime bust in British history saw officers make 746 arrests and recover £54M and more than 2 tons of drugs
Prosecutors say the men ran gambling, loan sharking, drugs and other criminal operations for the mafia from January 2014 to this month
Beneath the strings of red paper lanterns and narrow alleyways of the nation’s oldest Chinatown lies a sinister underworld