Chief’s poem featured on PoliceOne gains national attention on CNN

Read the story of the police chief behind the poem

By Police1 Staff

SAN DIEGO – A poem recently published on Police1 is garnering national attention for the Massachusetts police chief who wrote the poignant poem.

“If You Could See,” written by Fitchburg State University Police Chief Michael Cloutier, debuted last month as part of PoliceOne’s ongoing series highlighting poetry written by LEOs across the nation.

CNN interviewed Cloutier about what inspired him to write the poem, which gathered quite a reaction from PoliceOne’s law enforcement audience.

"My hope," Cloutier told CNN, "is that people might see things through a different lens, and perhaps it helps breach a little bit of that gap with our police and community relations."

According to the report, Cloutier is also sharing the poem with students enrolled in his college’s police program to stress the importance of self-care in policing.

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