Video: Denver cop talks suspect into surrender, prevents his suicide

The suspect later thanked Officer Tyler Carroll for saving his life

By Suzie Ziegler 

DENVER — A Denver police officer was praised for his heroism after he helped talk a teenage shooting suspect into surrendering. The suspect, who was threatening to shoot himself, was taken safely into custody. 

On Sunday, the Denver Police Department released video of the tense and emotional interaction. The incident began after the suspect fled a traffic stop, prompting Officer Tyler Carroll to perform a PIT maneuver. 

“Officer Carroll, being the only one who could see and make eye contact with the suspect, began negotiating with him,” police said. “Over the course of 45 minutes, Officer Carroll built a rapport with the suspect, and convinced him to drop his gun and safely exit his vehicle.” 

Afterward, the suspect is heard thanking Carroll for talking to him.

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Carroll was awarded the Preservation of Life medal from the Denver Police Foundation for his efforts.

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