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BatteryZONE New Product Alert: Exclusive Alkaline Battery Clamshell for Motorola Radios

Presenting a brand new product, and only BatteryZONE has it!

BatteryZone Motorola ClamshellThe latest product from replacement battery company BatteryZONE is a new alkaline battery “clamshell” case for the Motorola HT1000, HT6000, JT1000, GP900, MT2000, MTS2000 and MTX8000 two-way radios. It slides over the back of the radio where the battery would go, for when your rechargeable battery runs down and you need emergency power for the radio. If you own any of these model radios, you need one of these external alkaline battery packs. More details, photos and pricing can be found at

Product Specifications:

Color: Black or Orange
Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Brand: BatteryZone
BatteryZone Number: CAM7144

About BatteryZONE

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