Setcom's Police Motor Wireless Battery Life Lasts Longer

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More talk, less charge.

A wireless system is only as good as its battery life. After all, if your battery is dead, so too are your communcations. Thankfully, Setcom's Liberator™ Wireless systems not only eliminate the cable between you and your motorcycle, they also reduce the time between your system and your electrical socket. It seamlessly allows for rapid transition from using the mobile radio while on the motorcycle to using the portable radio while off the motorcycle. Setcom's Liberator Mobile-Portable and Portable Only - more talk, less charge.

About Setcom

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Setcom Corporation is a leading manufacturer of communications equipment for police motorcycle officers, firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial users. Firefighters and police officers have relied on Setcom's communications equipment for over forty years. A pioneer in its markets, Setcom is still a leader because it works with users to develop the kind of innovative, tailor-made products professionals depend on.  Public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major U.S. cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.

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