NJ cop builds custom tablet for police work

The officer was tired of the usual mountain of paperwork, so he joined a tech start-up and did something about it

By Police1 Staff

NEW JERSEY — A New Jersey cop tired of the endless paperwork that comes with being an officer found a greener, more efficient way to do his work: he built a custom tablet meant for police officers that eliminated the need for most paper on the job.

Officer Marc Costa joined the start-up company MIR Systems (Mobile Incident Reporting), which produces an Android-based tablet that allows officers to quickly file reports and search license plate information, according to FastCompany.com.

Three primary apps that appear on the tablet’s main screen allow officers to search through old police reports, create new reports, search plate information, and search through a custom-designed database, like citizen contacts, for example.

A fourth app features extras like a translator and navigation system, according to the article, as well as texting and video chat capabilities. All of it can be navigated by touch screen or voice commands.

“The tablet is as easy to use as your smartphone,” Costa told Fast Company while demonstrating the technology recently.

MIR claims that law enforcement agencies can sharply reduce their paperwork, logistics, and bookkeeping costs while cutting down on the hours officers perform administrative duties.

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