Product Review: Desbiens Gunleather #6 IWB

Have you ever been excited to purchase and shoot a new handgun only to find that there are no holsters available? Unfortunately, I've found this to be the case more often than not when experimenting with a new firearm.

Not so with my latest toy! Smith and Wesson's new M&P Shield has been met with gusto by the holster community and I've been fortunate to experiment with some of the current designs.

Of the holsters I've been able to test, my favorite is the #6 Appendix Inside the Waistband from Desbiens Gunleather. Rhome Desbiens has been making leather goods for nearly 25 years and is fast becoming one of my "go to" guys for concealment holsters.

I've got a #6 AIWB for my Ruger LCR that I've been wearing on a regular basis for about two years and it has been, in a word, excellent. The quality of materials is first rate and design is simple and effective.

I've found the same to be true with my #6 for the little Shield.

One difference between the #6 for my LCR and the #6 for my Shield is what Rhome calls the DA or "dual attachment." This gives the holster two belts loops rather than one as on the regular #6.  I've found the addition of the extra belt loop really helps stabilize the pistol and keeps it from shifting while seated, bending over, etc. The second belt loop is available as a traditional belt loop or with a tab that makes the holster tuckable. 

I like the new DA style and will likely be replacing my #6 LCR with a new DA model. 

As with most small custom shops, delivery times for Desbiens holsters can be a little lengthy. Still, I have been pleased with the customer service and attention to detail and have found the product easily justifies the wait.

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