Go Rhino! Introduces Regis Finn - Director of Marketing

Big Country Truck Accessories would like to introduce Regis Finn, the new Director of Marketing at Big Country Truck Accessories. Regis comes to us with over 25 years of experience heading the marketing departments at a variety of well know aftermarket companies, including B&M Racing and Performance, Hurst Shifters, McLeod Clutches, Hurst Performance Vehicles and Classic Chevy 5 Speed.  

Regis holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, and is the current Chair-Elect of the SEMA ETTN (formally SPC Council) Network.  He is also the past Chair of the SEMA RASR taskforce.

Under Regis' leadership, we have a number of new marketing project underway. Here is what to expect over the next few months:

- A new state-of-the-art website for Big Country Truck Accessories. 
- Revised catalog.
- New marketing flyers and promotional material.
- Heavier involvement with social media.
- Updated Aces and PIES data.
- Monthly newsletters.
- Weekly new product releases.

Stay tune for more news on these exciting new developments.

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