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Walther Arms hires Fire and Lace Consulting as PR agency of record

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FORT SMITH, Ark. – Walther Arms, Inc. is excited to announce they have partnered with Fire and Lace Consulting as their PR agency of record. A leader of performance within the firearm industry, Walther’s commitment to continuously strive for innovation isn’t just focused on products. Making sure to have the best people in place to provide what their consumers are looking for is just as important to their brand’s success.

“Having Fire and Lace on board to handle our PR and media relations is vital to our brand. Laci’s experience not only in our industry, but leading PR for large mainstream brands like ExxonMobil’s Mobil 1 and Sherwin-Williams, brings invaluable expertise that we’re thrilled to have in our corner now too,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “This partnership is a game-changer. Not just for our team, but for our partners who will be working closely with Laci, and ultimately the consumers who will get to witness Walther’s dedication to the long-standing tradition of innovation and preparedness even more than they already have.”

With over 17 years of PR experience in a variety of industries, including the last decade within the outdoors, Laci Warden of Fire and Lace Consulting, brings a passion for making life one big adventure. The roster of global brands she’s made an impact on is just as big as her commitment to making positive wildfires happen, landing her on the inaugural 40 Under 40 list for the outdoor industry compiled by SHOT Business. Whether it’s creating media events, launching a brand/specific product, bringing a new perspective and leadership to an account, consulting, speaking at conferences, or building/creating relationships on behalf of clients, Fire and Lace helps brands create their own path.

“Being trusted and sought after to lead PR efforts for an iconic brand like Walther Arms is a humbling and thrilling experience,” said Laci Warden, owner of Fire and Lace Consulting. “I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the largest brands in the outdoor space, build lifelong friendships, and see the impact my strategic direction has made to bring an initiative or product into the spotlight. Helping those brands stay true to their core values and traditions, while thinking outside the box, is not only challenging, but an amazing journey. I’m extremely excited and honored for the opportunity to handle PR for Walther.”

PR/Media Contact:

Laci Warden, Fire and Lace Consulting

About Walther

“It’s your DUTY to be READY” is a message of sincerity that Walther must build the best performing firearms. It is a message to every shooter who understands the importance of firearms safety and the inalienable right to bear arms. It is a message to clearly and concisely show that Walther is doing everything in its power to support shooters everywhere with not just the absolute best in firearm innovation and performance but also access to the best training and informative firearms community. History has shown Walther’s dedication to this message, beginning in 1886 and continuing today, with the innovative spirit that builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun by creating duty grade weapons such as the PDP and world-class rimfire products such as the P22 and WMP. Walther will continue its long tradition of technical expertise and innovation in the design and production of firearms to meet the demands of any customer. Excellent service and superior quality will continue to be benchmarks of Walther’s success.