Video: Cop shot, 7 other cops hurt in deadly Ariz. melee

Video has been released of the brutal melee between police and a family that ended with a suspect killed, another suspect shot and a cop shot

By Police1 Staff

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. — Dash cam video has been released of the brutal melee between police and a family in a parking lot outside of a Wal-Mart.

The March 21 incident began when a Wal-Mart employee was shoved inside the store. Police responded to the scene and battled against six members of a traveling family from Idaho – who punched and kicked officers, according to AZ Central.

One of the family members, Enoch Gaver, was shot and killed after struggling over Sgt. Jeremy Daniels’ gun, which went off and shot the officer in the leg.

Another officer, Richard Hicks, shot suspect David Gaver in the stomach as David approached him. Hicks then shot Enoch, who was attempting to grab Daniels’ gun, in the head. Enoch died at the scene.

Throughout the incident, officers deployed TASERs, pepper spray, and used their batons to try to gain control of the situation. A Wal-Mart employee, Eric Fields, was also involved in the brawl and was attacked by members of the Gaver family. 

Cottonwood Police Chief Jody Fanning told the Daily Courier he’d “never seen anything like it.”

Five members of the family were taken into custody and face multiple charges. Two juveniles were also taken into custody, the Daily Courier reported.

Sgt. Daniels is recovering from his gunshot wound, according to the report. 

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