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Toxigenix launces narcotic scent imprint aids for K9 Training

WOBURN, Mass.- Today, Toxigenix Inc announced the launch of narcotic scents for K9 training for detection of narcotics and opioids. Designed and validated by top PhD scientists in the Boston area, these scents provide representative simulated signatures of narcotic material, without containing any real narcotic or opioid. These scents are meant to be used by law enforcement agencies, private security firms, and military organizations, and provide K9 trainers with an effective toolset to train K9s in drug detection. The scents have been validated by third party labs for safe use, storage, and transport using cutting-edge analytical techniques such as opioid receptor binding assays, Gas Chromatography (GC), and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

“The NarClone scents resolves challenges with using live material and existing scent materials, such as ease of varying training protocols, handling and transportation,” said Dr. Sandip Agarwal, CEO of Toxigenix. “The company will continue to develop innovative products, including scents for explosives and other hazardous substances, in line with the company’s commitment to K9 officers and reducing the ongoing opioid epidemic in United States of America.”

Toxigenix will be exhibiting at the Police K9 Conference at Las Vegas on March 3-5, where the narcotic scents will be on display.

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