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Volareo drones endorses Dejero’s smart blending technology (SBT) used with Miami Gardens Police Dept. during Superbowl LIV & Superfest 2020 events


VolAero UAV & Drones Holdings Corp., a Sunrise, FL. based drone company, teamed up with Miami Gardens Police Department, to reinforce their event security capabilities with a SAMS-T tethered drone system during the SuperBowl LIV and SuperFest 2020 events.

VolAero Drones ( a professional drone service company operating in South Florida since 2016 integrates cutting edge drone, imagery, and data processing technologies to provide clients with actionable analytics and security solutions. VolAero is an end-to-end solution, licensed with the FAA, and provides training, piloting, data capture, and support functions as well.

“VolAero was extremely satisfied with the performance of Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology (SBT) during the event, which simultaneously blended multiple cellular connections to deliver greater bandwidth, expanded coverage, enhanced reliability, and particularly in the contested and congested environments. The system is a best-in-class,” added Charles Zwebner, CEO.

Dejero ( provided reliable connectivity and throughput with their SBT for Volaero Drones, who deployed an Easy Aerial tethered drone solution SAMS-T for aerial surveillance. The video was sent via a Dejero GateWay from the field to STRAX Intelligence’s Real-Time Crime Center Software platform, and delivered seamlessly to the Miami Garden’s real-time crime center. During the halftime show, at the height of network congestion and strain, Dejero maintained extremely high throughput speeds (between 70 and 130 Mbps download and upload) whilst individual network providers were being challenged.

“Dejero is proud to enable advanced technologies with our connectivity. For over a decade, broadcasters have depended on Dejero to get their live, high-quality video on air reliably. We are now expanding our technology footprint to support mission-critical communications for public safety with our partners such as STRAX, VolAero, Easy Aerial, Microsoft, and Intelsat among others,” said Bogdan Frusina, Founder of Dejero.

Super Bowl LIV, decided the champion for the NFL’s 2019 season, when Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. The game was played on February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. An attendance of 100,000 people congregated the stadium inside and outside with A-list concerts, parties, carnivals, and celebrations. Super Bowl is a registered trademark of the National Football League (NFL).

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