domo Gives Emergency Responders Eyes on the Spot with Video Technology

U.K. Company Cut Weeks out of Design Time, Eliminated Prototyping, and Increased Innovation with SolidWorks and CircuitWorks

CONCORD, Mass. — A small thermal imaging camera mounted on a firefighter’s helmet lets commanders immediately see that a burning support beam has fallen on him. They quickly dispatch a nearby team to help out, realizing that every second counts. This scenario is a reality thanks to next-generation digital video products developed by U.K. technology company domo, Ltd. using SolidWorks® 3D CAD software.

domo has developed technology that lets emergency responders, security officers, anti-drug enforcement agencies, hospitals, and the military see action in real-time so commanders can make smart, potentially life-saving decisions fast. domo’s products transmit broadcast-quality videos across non-line of sight digital wireless networks more affordably and efficiently than similar video products. The company standardized on SolidWorks software to improve design accuracy, enhance innovation, and reduce rework. It also uses SolidWorks’ CircuitWorks™ tool, which bridges the gap between electronic CAD and mechanical CAD software, helping engineers ensure printed circuit boards (PCBs) fit correctly in receivers, transmitters, and other domo devices.

“It takes less time to draw up PCBs in SolidWorks than 2D AutoCAD, and the SolidWorks geometry is more likely to be correct the first time it is created,” said domo Senior Design Engineer Tom Maughan. “The CircuitWorks functionality in SolidWorks Office Premium lets us see all of the angles in 3D, including where components could foul or where off-board connectors are. Part failure because of issues like these is not an option.”

SolidWorks’ intuitive interface enables domo engineers to spend more time on innovation because they can quickly present a few design options in 3D format, complete with cutaway drawings and exploded views. Maughan and his team share those concepts with other designers, managers, sales teams, and workshop technicians to build their feedback into the process before spending any significant time on the project.

“Keeping track of all of the details in 2D was mind-numbing,” said Maughan. “SolidWorks automated the process, and with CircuitWorks virtually eliminated the need for prototyping.” Working in 3D has also enabled domo to reduce average new product design time from over a month to less than two weeks.

“Emergency crews and other public safety teams need as much information in real time as they can get,” said SolidWorks Country Manager for U.K. and Ireland Chris McManus. “domo’s products give these organizations highly advanced video communications even in congested urban areas. Using SolidWorks and CircuitWorks lets its engineers continue to set the bar for better communication products.”

domo relies on authorized SolidWorks reseller Cadtek for ongoing software training, implementation, and support.

About domo
Headquartered in Hampshire, U.K., domo Ltd. is a leading designer of wireless communication technologies. Its products are used by law enforcement and military customers worldwide, enabling them to combat major crime, terrorism and drug trafficking. domo’s key technology expertise is in digital video processing, digital modulation schemes and Internet Protocol (IP) interfacing. Its products can transmit broadcast quality videos across non-line of sight digital wireless networks, and then distribute received video across IP networks as required. For more information, visit the Web site (

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