Ocean Systems DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course

DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course - April 8-10th, 2014 - hosted by Tacoma PD, WA

This class will provide students with an overview of the multiple challenges and issues that may arise or should be considered when acquiring digital video evidence using multiple techniques. It has been developed based on the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA)’s “Best Practices for the Acquisition of Digital Multimedia Evidence”, with consideration also given to various other industry related guidelines and best practices.

Students will perform evidentiary video recovery from multiple different DVRs using various methods and techniques, to include exporting the native files, copying of the originally recorded files, video capture, network connectivity & acquisition and exporting.

This 3-day course will also provide instruction on Ocean Systems latest solutions for DVR recovery and digital evidence management, to include Omnivore, the Omnivore Field Kit, and Ocean Systems’ soon to be released digital evidence management solution. 

Course Instructors:  Larry Compton and Ed Baker

Course Outline

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