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New Autism Decal to Alert First Responders on calls


A law enforcement officer has created a decal designed to alert first responders that there could be an Autistic person inside the vehicle or home it is affixed to. The decal is multicolored in the shape of a child’s open hand. The decal contains buzzwords in reflective vinyl, so they are easily noticed at night, that will alert emergency personnel of the behavior the autistic person may exhibit in high-stress situations. Decals with no words signify an Autistic person that may have no particular behaviors, but could respond abnormally to social cues, questions and instructions.

This decal was designed in hopes of giving first responders a few extra moments to recognize they may need to change their approach, speech or mannerisms to accommodate the Autistic person, or be prepared for abnormal social behavior. In recent years there have been many incidents involving Autistic persons and officers who may not have recognized their behaviors and social cues. Though this isn’t a solution, it provides officers with an extra tool to work with to make their job easier, while also being cognizant to the needs of the Autistic person.


Echo - Echolalia (tendency to repeat rather than answer / reply normally)

Hyper Sensitive - may be effected by sirens, lights, yelling and high-stress situations

B/O or Violent - tendency to become physically violent during high stress situations, may black out and not remember the episode when it’s over

Non Verbal - doesn’t speak, may need to find other forms of communication

Harms - self harms when over stimulated

Flight - tendency to run away, has no sense of danger or consequences

These decals will be available to the public starting on September 29th, 2019 at