Facebook Forum: The best squad ever

Yes, the Crown Vic is an obvious choice, but it wasn't the only answer when we asked for your favorite

By Police1 Staff 

We kind of knew what the answer would be — Crown Vic — but we asked our Facebook fans anyway. “What was the best patrol vehicle you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive, and why?”

Here are ten of our favorite answers. Add your own replies in the comments area below. 


1. Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. It is extremely reliable, quite fast with the interceptor engine, big and tall so I have space and it is not as expensive as a Charger or Taurus — Matthew Johnson

2. Mercedes Benz R Class. It's not only the best patrol vehicle I've ever driven, it's flat out the best vehicle I've ever driven. If I had $60,000 to spend on a vehicle I’d own one — Jeffry Queen

3. As a Marine MP, I had the chance in 1986 to drive our last Chevy Malibu as a patrol vehicle. I don't know what motor head in Motor T got hold of it but it was basically a 4 door police race car. Had a guy speed past me (civilian visitor) going about 65/40 and with a 3/4 mi head start I snagged him faster than you could say "license and registration, please." Sadly, we switched to Chrysler K Cars after that: the WORST police car ever in existence — Carlos Estrella

4. I have to second the old Caprice. Had the chance to drive a '96 for a while and loved it. Plenty of room for myself and my gear, more power than I knew what to do with. If I had the chance, I would still drive one today — Rob Deardorff

5. I would have to say the 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe Police model that I was driving until recently. That thing would outrun the Ford Crown Victoria, which used to be my favorite. The Tahoe would also keep up with the Dodge Chargers. Great acceleration and handling. I drove it when I was part of a county wide aggressive driving task force. No one got away from me, other than maybe a crotch rocket motorcycle. The Tahoe also got better gas mileage that the others, even with all that power being available — David Akers

6. 1995 Impala SS with the police interior. Great performance. Unmarked traffic and racing enforcement. Nothing like the look on a teenager realizing the "HotRod" he just flew past was the PoPo in stealth mode! — Jeff Thorp

7. 85 Ford 5.0 Mustang with Manuel transmission. Drive it like a scalded dog and it held up super, top speed in a pursuit one 155 mph. Great car and fun to drive — Skip Evans

8. 1988 Chevy Caprice, good interior room, fairly powerful engine with a sold drive train. The suspension was predictable, stiff without being jittery and it didn't wallow in turns. Brakes weren't anti-lock but were strong and had a good feel. There was plenty of room for police equipment and you could for 3 full grown adults in the back — Lenard Poss

9. My 1995 Chevy Caprice was a rocket ship. I had the guys from Real Stories of the Highway patrol with me one night. We ran on a crash call with a double ejection. Needless to say I responded quickly. The film crew told me that was the fastest they had ever been in a squad car , and they looked pale as ghosts. (133 mph with roof lights) — Rich Decker

10. The Chevy Tahoe would definitely be the best I've ever driven! It out performs the Crown Vic, Impala, Taurus, Caprice, Explorer, Durango, etc...The only vehicle I haven't driven in 13 years is the Dodge Charger. The Tahoe has plenty of power, hangs curves better than the Crown Vic if you ask me, and plenty of room on the inside! — Number Twentyfive

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