Year-end budget planning ahead of a busy Quarter 1 forecast

Some departments and upfitters are deeply impacted by automotive industry delays. Other departments find themselves in a completely different position as they plan to continue using and updating older-model vehicles.  This circumstance comes with its own challenges and opportunities as the year comes to a close.

Year-end budget planning

While budget and fiscal year cycles differ across the country (and sometimes even within a single county!), many departments are planning for fiscal year-end this month.  In a couple short weeks, 2019 will come to a close.  We are already seeing lots of year-end activity from departments and upfitters planning purchases to fit within the 2019 annual budget cycle.

Leftover 2019 budget dollars?

If you have year-end budget dollars remaining, now is the time to get your order in!  ‘Use it or lose it’ budget arrangements are more and more common.  Estes AWS offers a wide range of automated weapon storage products, most of which are still available for delivery before the end of 2019.  Alternatively, if you have budget dollars available now but prefer to take delivery in 2020, that’s also an option. Either option allows you to secure your place in line for inventory and production availability now and also work ahead on getting installations scheduled.

 The tidal wave ahead

Whether or not you’re in the process of buying 2020 model year vehicles, you’ll likely still be impacted by the tidal wave of activity coming in Quarter 1 of next year as those new models begin to hit the market over a condensed period of time.  That translates to longer wait times for installations of any kind.  The solution: Get your equipment before year-end and schedule with your local installer now to secure your place before they are flooded with new vehicles.

Interested in ordering automated weapon storage solutions with year-end budget dollars? Contact Estes AWS online or by phone at 901-833-2800!


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