New High Definition Technology Raises the Bar on License Plate Recognition While Lowering Agency Expenditures

Data911 launches the first ever high quality HD LPR and makes fleet-wide implementation possible by packaging it in a fully integrated in-car computer and video system at less than the cost of stand-alone analog LPR products.

Alameda, CA (August 2015) - A highway patrol officer is in the midst of his afternoon/evening shift when suddenly he receives a high priority Amber Alert and shifts into BOLO mode (Be On The Lookout.) Procedure dictates that he scan thousands of license plates across multiple fast-moving lanes, searching for an accurate match.  But, what if that officer makes a routine traffic stop in the midst of the BOLO when suddenly the scanner hits a match while he's outside of his vehicle?

These are real situations officers find themselves in every day.  Yet, no license plate reader exists that can meet all these challenges...until now.  Data911, a leading integrated mobile solutions provider for public safety, has successfully engineered the only High Definition (HD) LPR system available.  Most legacy analog LPR products are 640 x 480 pixels, are limited to capturing only a narrow angle, and optical character recognition (OCR) is further compromised by limited dynamic range which makes it vulnerable to poor lighting conditions.  By comparison, among the many advantages of Data911's Digital HD LPR is its incredible 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 pixel cameras, translating to 7 times higher resolution.  Another enhanced benefit of HD LPR technology, is the ability to detect and read a license plate from a wider range of angles. Their proprietary technology was designed to anticipate critical needs, such as instinctively switching to infrared mode at night, reading multiple downloaded hotlists, or automatically initiating a video recording after confirming a match even if the officer is away from his vehicle.

Integration is the foundation of Data911's intelligent HD LPR system.  The technology works seamlessly with their Verus HD Video software and runs on their M7 in-car computer, resulting in a world-class comprehensive solution.  Together, Data911's HD LPR system has quadrupled the performance of standard analog LPR.

“Today, many police departments are faced with extremely tight budget parameters and are forced to purchase individual systems for each patrol vehicle rather than a full-scale solution,” said Michael Baumann, Digital Video Product Manager at Data911.  “We’re dedicated to helping agencies protect communities so we developed an integrated system with all three components that’s a fraction of the cost of a separate analog LPR.”

Data911 is one of the rare companies that truly understand the needs of law enforcement—smarter solutions to real world problems at realistic price points. Now almost any department can afford to outfit their entire fleet with up to four of Data911's ultra compact HD IP external cameras mounted on every vehicle in strategic positions. Each camera connects to their Digital Video System with a single Ethernet cable.

Whether utilizing LPR to apprehend stolen cars, monitor events, schools, neighborhood burglaries, or logging visitors at military bases, HD can make the difference between preventing or solving crimes… or not.

About Data911
Data911 is a mobile solutions provider with 32 years of development, design and manufacturing experience serving the Public Safety market. Their suite of in-vehicle products and solutions are designed to keep field personnel and command staff informed, efficient and safe. With the ability to integrate their products along with their product upgrade program, Data911 can provide the latest in technology at a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions.
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