Propper sets a new standard in vests for the female officer

St. Charles, MO – Gone are the days of concealment vests riding up. No longer do female officers have to tolerate a vest that bunches, billows, or scoops on the chest and neck. The Propper® 4-panel vest for women, using a unique four panel system, was designed from the ground up for the female officer. It sets a new standard in women’s vest comfort and protection.

“We looked at what was on the market and knew that we could do better,” said Erica Simpson, the vest’s designer and Propper's Armor Program Manager. “Other companies design a vest for a man, add some stiff seams to the chest and call it a female vest. It fits poorly, doesn't move with the officer and compromises comfort and protection. We solved those problems with the four panel design. Having a woman design a vest made for women just makes sense.”

Traditional 2-panel vests have front and back sections that don't always offer the correct protection on the sides. Propper's modular side panels are sized to the individual. This enhanced fit insures that the officer has the right amount of protection in the right areas.

"Feedback from officers in the field has been outstanding." said Propper Director of E-commerce John Negrau. "They can't get over the comfort. Some of the comments include: the lightest vest I've had, I love the lack of the cones, there is less rise while sitting down, and I don't have to keep pulling on it."

The 4-panel vest for women is currently available to qualified agencies, individuals, and dealers with valid credentials. Please visit to purchase.

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