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Police1 and TASER | Axon RISE Awards

The RISE Awards, brought to you by Police1 and TASER | Axon, honor officers and agencies who have positively impacted their law enforcement peers and profession with exceptional effort, creativity and achievement.

TASER | Axon and Police1 are delighted to announce the winners of our third annual RISE Awards
These officers and agencies go above and beyond in myriad ways to serve and protect their communities
On the cusp of retirement, Lt. Bruce Holt committed to helping his small department recover and rebuild after a tragic loss
The officers tracked the suspects and prevailed in a gun battle, preventing the attackers from doing further harm and rescuing a fellow LEO in the effort
Officer Damon Cole travels far and wide to bring smiles to children and families coping with severe illness
Chippewa Falls PD makes the most of social media tools to connect with the community and catch criminals
This awards program recognizes individual officers and departments for excellence in service and commitment to their public safety mission
Support Blue is an awareness campaign designed to bring attention to those who believe in and support the men and women of law enforcement
Led and run by a team of active duty LEOs, Hunting for Heroes takes five to ten officers, alongside their families, to a retreat for healing
After his city suffered 47 overdose deaths in an 18-month period, Lt. Patrick Glynn began to think seriously about the role of cops in treating OD victims
TASER and Police1 are very pleased to announce the winners of the second RISE Awards
8 cops, agencies and community groups who prove going above and beyond is just part of the job
Chief Eric Blanchard immediately demonstrated a commitment to transparency and accountability that earned the trust of his officers and his communty
The meeting helps teach the community how to respond to police contacts in different scenarios, and it gives law enforcement the opportunity to better understand the black community
Agent Richard Clements has demonstrated his ability to stay cool under immense pressure in several scenarios
When manpower was down and crime was up, Redlands PD found a solution that did more than catch criminals
This year, the award program not only recognizes individual officers and departments for excellence in service, but also partners in the community who have helped police fulfill their public safety mission
Congratulations to Agent Mike Spadafora, Sgt. Christopher Gavette, and the Lakewood (Wash.) Police Department for winning the first annual TASER and P1 RISE Awards
Without any radio contact, Officer Irving communicated with his officers and outside first responders to evacuate his town and prevent further tragedy after the West fertilizer plant explosion
A newly-appointed chief discovered a glaring disconnect between the police and their community, and set out to fix it
Sgt. Gavette doesn’t put his rank before his badge when mentoring his officers
Senior Officer Gonzalez treated his beat partner and himself after a volatile confrontation left them both wounded
The St. John police department was left short-handed more than two years ago, yet they still manage to above and beyond every day
This new award program will recognize law enforcement officers and agencies that have demonstrated extraordinary effort and served their communities with honor