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Road Rage

The trooper was driving with his family when the suspect displayed a firearm; the trooper then reported the incident to Florida Highway Patrol
The man drew a gun and pointed it at the off-duty officer; a second off-duty officer helped the first officer unload the weapon and hold the man until backup arrived
“This off-duty cop was attacked while trying to make an arrest, and the charges reflect the seriousness of the assault against him,” the DA said
A man jumped out of a minivan and smashed the officer’s back window with his fist; the two suspects then attempted to take the officer’s service weapon
“You’re not going to lose your arm,” officers say to the man who was shot in the shoulder
Officer Charles G. Stipetich, 23, was killed by a driver who followed him home, police said
In 2020, 42 people a month on average were shot and killed or wounded in road rage incidents, according to a recent report
Deputy James Grimes is facing charges of reckless endangerment after driving a van with three inmates in the back at more than 90 mph