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SHOT Show 2017

The Police1 team is at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas to bring you the newest in firearms and tactical gear, plus the latest developments direct from the tradeshow floor! Visiting SHOT? Come see us at booth #6601.

Every officer should check out the new ballistic protection products introduced by Honeywell and Safariland
These state-of-the-art products will capture the attention of many police officers
From a new grip texture to a crisper trigger, this pistol is worth checking out
A wireless transmitter is connected to the handgun, and accelerometers inside the unit precisely measure the movement of the handgun as the trigger is pulled
Blade-Tech beefs up the unique Nexbelt for better concealed carry
The vest has a dozen pockets, specifically designed to hold a firearm, spare mags, handcuffs, cell phone, wallet, pen, and more
If you already have any DD patrol rifles, you are eligible for free training
An attack of this nature is not easily handled using traditional law enforcement tactics and methods
This product can serve as protection for LE and other first responders who cannot wait for SWAT or whomever has a more traditional shield in their vehicle
Since the system is made up of two plates, one of them millimeters thin, you can now replace your soft trauma plate with the 9mm/44 Mag rated plate and hardly notice the difference
Hiperfire has made a name for themselves in the 3-gun arena