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Terry Stop

Remember that it isn’t enough to do the right thing; an officer must also thoroughly document the reason for doing the right thing
Officers transported family members to the police station without consent or probable cause for interview while victim died at the hospital
The continuing validity and constitutionality of stop and frisk depends on lawful execution of the practice
The court rules that evidence discovered in a third pat-down search over the course of a traffic stop is admissible
The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals determines the legality of a vehicle frisk done on an objective, and not subjective, basis
Defendant Calvin Weaver asserted the Terry frisk began not when the officer touched him, but at the moment the officer ordered him to get out of the car
The investigative or Terry stop is the bread and butter of the patrol officer who wants to make an impact on crime in their community
Nine months into his term, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has filed charges against 8 officers for 6 alleged on-duty incidents
Knowing how and where courts draw the line can be the difference between a successful prosecution and having your evidence suppressed
Proactive police officers can prevent burglars from wreaking havoc in a community
From patrol issues to alcohol blood tests to freedom of speech, the Court made some choices this year that will have a major effect on law enforcement operations
The Court’s decision in Utah v. Strieff may have left the wrong impression for police officers concerning the limits of Terry stops
The stop and frisk tool for law enforcement has been particularly useful in addressing violent crime problems of a recurring nature and protecting officer safety
Doug and Jim also discuss issues related to marijuana legalization and stop and frisk
To win these encounters, it is good to look at these real world-obstacle courses as a seven-stage event
The Terry stop is a versatile law enforcement tool for officers, but we must be aware of the hazards in these contacts and use tactics to mitigate them