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While GPS is not new technology, the use of geofence warrants in law enforcement investigations is relatively recent
What officers claimed was hostile behavior, the court determined was the plaintiff pressing to exercise his right to remain in his home and require a warrant for entry
The appellate court decides whether an officer’s entry into the curtilage of a home was unlawful in a recent case
The bill would prevent officers from pulling over motorists for reasons such as driving with an expired registration sticker, various equipment failures and driving without a seat belt
“Nothing is going to change because people can still share their videos with us,” Gwinnett County police spokesperson Sgt. Michele Pihera said
Previously, law enforcement agencies were able to send Ring owners who lived near an area of an active investigation private emails requesting video footage
Appellate courts have split on the issue since marijuana possession was legalized in 2020
“The act of fleeing to avoid a lawful arrest in a public place demonstrates defendant’s intent to place as much distance as possible between himself and the property left behind,” the high court wrote
The lawsuit comes after Google announced its decision to end geofence warrants in December
“The court system can be scary to navigate, but when we all work together, really good things can happen,” Lancaster County Public Defender Kristi Egger said in the release. “This was one of them”
“K-9 Broko heroically served with unwavering dedication, saving lives by locating missing individuals, apprehending dangerous suspects, and providing a steadfast shield to his handler,” state police said