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From preventing blue-on-blue shootings to delivering 24-7 police firearms training, vendors at this year’s SHOT Show aim to improve officer safety year round
While the ‘FBI Miami shootout’ is best known for its influence on the development of better ammunition for law enforcement, there are other important lessons to learn
It’s critical that we ask and answer the questions that arise from this new information
Brian Mulkeen’s father accused officers of recklessly shooting as his son grappled with an armed suspect
A tragic turn of events left Officer Donald Sahota dead
“Obviously it’s very traumatic to accidentally have this happen,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown
A new report contradicts the initial assessment that the teenager fired and hit a officer
Officer Jonathan Shoop was fatally shot July 13 after a traffic stop turned into a brief pursuit
Officer Scott Hutton was shot through the front door of his colleague’s residence after knocking on it
The suspect was fatally shot by police after a high-speed pursuit ended in a violent crash
A cop who pleaded guilty to accidentally killing a colleague while playing Russian roulette said the woman knew the risk
A lawsuit filed by a former officer in Tennessee says negligence by his superiors led to a police shooting in which he was wounded and a man was killed
The detective was responding to an attempted robbery during the time of the shooting
A LEO who was shot by police during a fatal arrest attempt told investigators he had concerns about their training
“We don’t know how [the officer] was shot, but she was not shot by the suspect,” the department’s spokesman said
The officers were both hit in the leg after firing their weapons during the arrest.
A man charged with the murder of an officer says the shooting stemmed from a “prank gone horribly wrong”
An undercover drug sting led to a shooting that wounded an investigator and killed two men
Sgt. Matthew Gorman returned home after being wounded in a shooting that led to his fellow officer’s death
The detective died after being hit once in the chest by crossfire as he and six other officers fired 42 shots at the suspect
The officer was removed from life support after he was shot by a fellow officer during a car pursuit late Wednesday night
Undercover narcotics detective Jacai Colson had responded to the gunfire and was fatally shot by another officer
Police say Jacai Colson, an undercover detective, was responding to an ambush attack when he was shot by another LEO who mistakenly believed he was a suspect
How a closer look at police deaths could change the way you train and save your life
Academic research and real-world incident reviews provide a foundation for evidence-based practices and training
A state police trooper accidentally killed his K-9 partner when trying to protect it from a pit bull attack
A police officer who was sent to an off-duty state parole officer’s apartment to check on her ended up in a shootout
Bullet wounds suffered by two LEOs responding to a report of a man with a knife were the result of gunfire between the officers
The officer shot at an attacking dog, and one of the bullets struck the marshal